How “Doing Good” Is Good Business with Marshall Morris


Marshall Morris is the founder of several businesses, but is probably best known for I Heart Dogs. They do giving back better than anyone else I know. We talk about where this generosity came from, why he’s so good at helping others monetize themselves, and all the coming trends in 2020 if you’re planning on selling anything. This is absolutely going to make or break your success in the coming year.

Question Highlights:

  • How did you come so far so quickly?
  • How are you parenting so successfully?
  • What impact has generosity had on your success?
  • How did you become okay with sharing your success and giving?
  • Why are you so good at helping others build wealth?
  • What should we be doing to get our message out there?
  • Tell me about the art of creating jobs.

Guest Bio:

As the son of a hard-working, humble pastor, Marshall was taught early on the value of a hard day’s work. In fact, at a young age, his father would “loan” him out for the weekend to different farmers he did business with to help out (for very little pay). This weekend help wasn’t about making money, however, his father really just wanted to instill in him the value of working hard.

And it’s with this same mentality that his dad encouraged Marshall to attend college, but also informed him that it would be his responsibility to pay his own way – as that’s the way he did it. Growing up in an impoverished family, his dad worked hard to pay for his college while attending so he’d never have to take out a loan.

Not deterred by this, Marshall joined the military so his schooling could be paid for as he went. He never thought he would be deployed, but then 9/11 happened. Obviously, while deployed Marshall couldn’t attend college so instead he read a lot of books (12 hours a night for a year) so he could continue at least some type of education.

Among those books, he found that those focused on business resonated with him the most, and upon returning from his deployment he took it from there. Admittedly having more of a sales mindset from the beginning, he dabbled in real estate but gradually got out of it when the market took a turn.

After returning from being deployed, Marshall was presented with the opportunity to help a friend of a friend with advertising sales on an automotive site that was struggling. Knowing very little about the internet, but feeling that this business could go somewhere, he offered to partner with this person. Their goal was to just make some money, make it a success and figure out the sales and marketing along the way with “Google university.” Eventually the company started doing well, and they sold it to a bigger automotive company.

It was through networking that he met his now business partner, Justin, who was in internet marketing. Having only a Facebook page, he enlisted the help of Marshall. Both found that their strengths and weaknesses balanced each other and they created the business I Heart Dogs. And the rest is history with other businesses such as I Heart Cats, I Heart Birds (and many more).

Marshall and business partner, Justin, excel at building business models and then using those models anywhere. For them and their current niche, they’ve found that the more they do, the more they find opportunity (and who wouldn’t want that?).

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Having a generous upbringing
  • Parenting as an entrepreneur
  • Attracting better talent through generosity
  • Inspiring others to do better
  • The importance of video marketing
  • Meeting people where they are

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