Don’t Let Age Determine Success with Joey Speers


Today I’m sitting down with Joey Speers, founder of JSmedia, who works with some massive brands such as Yeti, Uber, and Ford. But what makes Joey truly extraordinary is that he founded this marketing company when he was just 14 years old. He reached out to me to tactfully let me know my marketing was looking a little old, and we have done many projects since.

Joey has formed his own mastermind for creatives to help break them out of the “struggling artist” syndrome. He is already crushing it, and he proves that there are no excuses, not age or anything else, that can hold you back!

Question Highlights:

  • Where does all this ability and expertise come from at just 21 years old?
  • How did it feel when people were telling you there was something wrong with you as a kid?
  • What role did your parents play?
  • What’s your message to the parents out there?
  • What’s your advice for reaching out to brands or influencers to get their attention?
  • What was the biggest brand you worked for at a young age?
  • What’s the importance of people taking Gen Z seriously, and what’s the best way to speak to them?
  • What do you see in masterminds that causes growth in peoples’ businesses?

Guest Bio:

Joey is the founder of JSmedia, The Creative Rise Mastermind and the Walls To Hurdles Podcast show. He started his media and marketing agency, JSmedia when he was 14. JSmedia believes everyone deserves creative solutions and they hand craft them, intentionally. Joey and his team of creatives cater to outdoor brands and online entrepreneurs and have served YETI, UBER, FORD, and more. They specialized in helping businesses clarify who they are and how they want to be experienced and then support them with the creative solutions they need to drive more revenue and fulfilment.

Last year, Joey took it upon himself to empower creatives all around the world to eliminate the creative struggle in their lives by investing in community, coaching and accountability.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Not letting age limit you
  • Channeling your passion productively
  • Getting influencer/brand attention
  • Building relationship capital
  • Speaking to younger generations
  • Talking about your “why” over your “what”

Resources Mentioned: