Dealing with Naysayers…Jake Paul’s Advice


This past weekend at a mastermind event, I asked one of the younger (but very wise and successful) attendees, Jake Paul, how he deals with resistance or other people who are out to criticize what he does. His simple answer:

“Don’t let a few dirty dishes in the sink ruin the rest of the home.”

Boom! Enough said. It really is that simple, isn’t it? I mean, why would we ever let something so small disrupt such a large structure? You wouldn’t! The same goes for your life’s work/mission. It’s pretty much guaranteed that when you answer your calling (your mission), the nay-sayers start showing up. But are you going to let a few people convince you to quit what you’re doing? No, of course not!

But it’s not always so easy to turn the other cheek and take the high road. That’s why I’ve come up with three tips that will help you when people start to speak out against what you’re working toward.

1. Keep them in perspective. This goes along with the dirty dishes quote above, but don’t let a few people cloud all the good you’re doing. They are a TINY minority in a LOVING majority.

2. See them with LOVE immediately. This is a tough one, but such a game-changer. When we can consider where the other person is coming from (different beliefs, different upbringing etc.), we have to believe that what they’re saying is truth to them.

“Someone’s perspective is always their reality – you can’t change that.”

And obviously, they loved you enough to share their perspective – right or wrong. Sometimes, it’s simply just that they wish they were doing what you’re doing, but they didn’t want to put the work in. After all, it’s easier to do nothing than it is to do something, right?

3. Have a ZERO-engagement policy. I know sometimes you’re going to want to defend yourself, but it only takes one screenshot of a message to send you and your mission on a downward spiral. Your safest bet? Don’t waste your energy…or your time.

“No energy should be wasted on anything that isn’t strategically moving your goals forward.”

If you can implement these key tips when resistance shows up, you will achieve your mission faster and with less stress.

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