Start Your Business for Free! with Tata Tickaradze


This interview is going to take away all excuses you have around not being able to afford to start your business. Tata Tickaradze tells us the story of how she founded Barter & Be, a community of female entrepreneurs who exchange goods and services without any capital.

In her spare time, Tata is a branding expert and genius marketer who has an incredible digital marketing agency called To The Moon. As she was building this business, she kept running into one problem: in order to progress and expand the way she needed to, she needed to invest in professional services. But as a brand new business owner, she didn’t always have the money to pay for those. When she looked around, she noticed her creative and entrepreneurial friends had those same problems, and often needed her help with social media and branding. They started to swap services, and everyone’s businesses grew!

You’re going to feel like you have a way to start this business idea that you’ve always had on your mind but didn’t feel like you had the money to start. This is all about resourcefulness, mindset, and applying a value to your services.

Question Highlights:

  • Can you explain Barter & Be for us?
  • Were you really down to your last $78 when you started this company?
  • What’s a good example of two people who exchanged services through Barter & Be?
  • How do people not devalue their services?
  • Is there a contract that people enter into?
  • How important was giving and generosity to you?

Guest Bio:

Tata Tickaradze is the founder of Barter & Be. A skilled marketer who understands the nuances of all aspects of social presence from planning to development to execution, Tata’s created her own agency, To the Moon Social. She has single-handedly grown significant user communities based on her time-honed process. Tata’s knowledge of content and delivery has been critical in the launch of major brands and professional services alike.

As Tata built her own business, she kept running into a problem: In order to progress and expand, she needed to invest in professional services like graphic design, photography, and web development. But as a small business owner, she didn’t always have the cash in her bank account to pay for these types of services. It was a catch-22: In order to be more profitable, she needed to up her game … but in order to up her game, she had to spend more money.

When Tata looked around, she saw many of her creative and entrepreneurial friends running up against the same problem—and often, they needed her help with social media. Naturally, they started to swap services. And something amazing happened—everyone grew their businesses, together.

A master connector, Tata created Barter & Be to help other women expand their networks of creative female entrepreneurs, and to facilitate the growth of their businesses without the hefty price tag.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The power of bartering
  • Valuing what you offer to people
  • Making a bartering deal responsibly
  • Figuring out what you are willing to trade
  • Creating a contract

Resources Mentioned: