Turn Your Slump Into a Thriving Business with Alison Lumbatis


Alison Lumbatis is the founder of Get Your Pretty On, this massive fashion brand that makes outfits easy. Her story of how this business was born is so inspiring, I can’t wait for you all to hear it. She created what she needed in a moment, and it has turned into a multi-million dollar business and movement. She has gone on to help over 30,000 women of every size, age, and budget find more confidence in their clothes and how they look.

We’re gonna talk parenting tips while building a successful brand, because she’s a mom of three. We’re going to go over social media and how you don’t have to have a giant following to have a successful business. And last but not least, we do a deep dive on Alison’s secrets to success. You’re going to be wildly inspired and have so many takeaways from this interview.

Question Highlights:

  • Where did you come up with the idea for Get Your Pretty On?
  • Where does your resourcefulness come from?
  • Can anyone learn to be resourceful?
  • Is there still room for anyone to start a fashion blog, or is it too saturated?
  • What changed in your business recently to let it explode?
  • What’s your favorite part about building a team and creating jobs?
  • What advice do you have around building a membership site?
  • How important is it (or is it not) to have a following? Where does it play a role in your success?

Guest Bio:

Alison is a 46-year-old wife, mom of three, entrepreneur, INFJ, coffee worshiper and goat lover. Yes, you read that right, goats. At the heart of it all she’s truly a jeans and tee kind of girl who loves spending time with her family and exploring the best places to eat in Dallas, TX. She is an accidental minimalist when it comes to fashion and style, mixing her tried and true closet staples with a few seasonal trends. Alison’s goal is to help all women feel pretty by being the go-to resource for inclusive style inspiration and beauty advice.

Alison is the creator/editor of the blog, Get Your Pretty On, a style and beauty resource curated for real women, by real women. Our goal is to change the way women feel about themselves- forever. We believe every woman, no matter their size, age, ethnicity or budget, deserves to feel pretty. Women who feel good in their own skin are always the prettiest – and that touches every area of their lives. By being the go-to resource for inclusive fashion inspiration and lifestyle advice, our goal is to connect with real women across the world, empower them to be confident, and to have fun along the way.

At the encouragement of her readers Alison launched Style Challenges — an online capsule wardrobe membership program. Since rolling out the program in 2014, over 25,000 women in 20 countries have participated. Alison is a personal stylist and former actress and print model with both creative and technical backgrounds and was also a network engineer for several years before leaving corporate America to pursue creative endeavors. With such a diverse background Alison is an expert on making style and fashion accessible to all women. She is also the Amazon best-selling author of Get Pretty, Kick Butt! The Moms’ Guide to Looking Your Best and Getting More Done.

Get Your Pretty On reaches half a million visitors annually in 200 countries worldwide and inspires a global community of women to rediscover themselves and embrace what makes them feel pretty, happy and confident.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Starting something to answer your own needs
  • Entrepreneurship is a personal journey
  • Letting your audience tell you what they want
  • Using your personality to stand out
  • Getting out of the way in your business
  • Charging for convenience
  • Focusing on what makes sense for your business
  • Building an audience outside of social media
  • Balancing business and parenting

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