Do What You Love and the Success Will Come with Chris Pan


Today I’m sitting down with my good friend Chris Pan. He’s the founder of MyIntent, the incredible bracelets that let you choose your word, one that means the most to you, and have it stamped right into them so you can be reminded of it all the time as you wear it.

Chris went from personally working with Mark Zuckerberg, teaching him Chinese at Facebook, to traveling the world everywhere and realizing he wanted to fulfill his passion through more spirit-seeking startups.

The journey of MyIntent is a fascinating one. It started out as a hobby, turned into a small fundraising activity or something to do with friends, and suddenly lead to celebrities wearing them everywhere, being featured on the Today Show, and on the cover of Time Magazine.

What I love the most about Chris is not just his massive success– It is how he is as equally kind as he is smart. He is a rare and special individual, and I am really grateful not only to call him a friend but to have him on the show today.

Get ready as we take you on a journey of finding your purpose, surviving the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, and really leaving your mark in the way you were meant to on this amazing world.

Question Highlights:

  • Can you tell the story of when MyIntent was born?
  • What did this hole or gap feel like?
  • When did you know that MyIntent would go from an activity to a company?
  • Could you describe one of your big breaks for us?
  • Talk to me about charging your true value?
  • Why did you release the kit and what did it do for the company?
  • What are you passionate about now that’s being supported by your success?
  • What does it mean to you to provide great jobs for people?
  • What role has generosity played with your success?
  • What challenges do you face next?
  • What advice do you have for the entrepreneur who thinks their product is too simple or has been done before?

Guest Bio:

What’s Your WORD?  What do you need a reminder of to be your best?  Through The MyIntent Project, Chris has helped millions of people from Beyonce to Elon to Melania find their WORD through this powerful question.  Previously, Chris led growth and marketing at Facebook and taught Mandarin to Mark Zuckerberg. He was also a Marketing Director at PepsiCo and consultant at McKinsey.  Chris holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and resides in Los Angeles.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Money doesn’t bring happiness (but it can help)
  • The lessons learned from traveling
  • Figuring out what you’re supposed to do by doing
  • Turning your product or idea into a movement
  • Stretching and growing your business
  • Pricing your products for their true value
  • Practicing self-help

Resources Mentioned: