Rehab to Rebuilding Lives with Jeremiah Campbell


I am really excited to share today’s episode with you because I’m sitting down with Jeremiah Campbell. He is a remarkable family man, with a multimillion dollar restoration company… but it wasn’t always this way. Not too long ago, Jeremiah was in rehab for his fifth time, trying to become sober from his addiction to drugs and alcohol. What you’re about to hear is one heck of an inspirational story that ANYTHING is possible, no matter where you are or where you hope to go next. In our conversation we go deep into Jeremiah’s battle with addiction, how he confronts self doubt, and the amazing sobriety recovery homes that he operates. You do not want to miss this one!

Question Highlights:

  • What was happening in the lowest time of your life?
  • Who or what made you realize you needed to go to rehab?
  • When did you turn into the guy who wanted to be a successful businessman?
  • What is it like now for you to look back?
  • How do you work on your identity daily?
  • What is the role of generosity in your life?
  • What is your message to anyone struggling with addiction?

Guest Bio:

Jeremiah Campbell has been actively involved in residential and commercial masonry contracting since 2004, and now real estate investing, visit He started as laborer and worked his way up into a owner/operator of Brickworks. From 2004-2007 every job was sold and installed by Jeremiah and by 2008 he took more of a management role, influencing others and showing them his way of leadership, knowledge and community. He has been sober 11 years after being addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The start of his addictive patterns and behaviors
  • Losing his brother to a drug overdose
  • Facing and knowing what is inside of himself
  • Recognizing his desire to be a successful entrepreneur
  • How Jeremiah works on his identity
  • Creating opportunities and loyalty for others
  • Why generosity is so important to Jeremiah
  • Jeremiah’s message to those struggling with addiction

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