The EXPERT in How To MONETIZE YOUR PASSION Online with Melyssa Griffin


I am so excited (like geeking-out excited) for you to hear my conversation with Melyssa Griffin. She truly exemplifies the meaning of true entrepreneurship and giving, and I can’t wait for you listen. (This podcast is a must for anyone who has a passion and wants to make a living by doing just that.)

For those who may not know, Melyssa is a rockstar at teaching online courses and live workshops for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to turn their after-work hobbies into full-time businesses. A few of her specialties include list-building, webinars, using Pinterest to get organic traffic, and content marketing. She also leads an active Facebook group of 60,000 members and helps almost 150,000 entrepreneurs with her weekly emails.

Early on, Melyssa actually had nothing to do with the blogging/online world. After college, she started out as an English teacher in Japan, but after some time just never felt like it was her true purpose, so she started to pursue more creative avenues. She wasn’t looking to start a business, she just really wanted to build an online community/blog that could help people become their best selves and be more creative.

Well, once her blogging began, it spiraled into so many different areas. Melyssa opened a small web studio and focused her blogging on her experiences with growing her business. And wouldn’t you know, people were really interested in what she learned and what she had to say.

It was during this time that Melyssa discovered that while she enjoyed the creative work she was doing and learning new things each day, she actually was having more fun (and fulfilling her purpose more) by teaching others what she was learning along the way and helping them find the freedom in their lives like she did. And so began helping as many people as possible,

“Monetize their passion.”

Ok, ok, easier said than done… Or is it? I know for many, this seems like a long shot. Can your passion really make you money? You’d be surprised. Melyssa’s clients range from yoga teaching to art lessons with a unique type of marker (seriously).

“People don’t realize that there are all these sub-niches out there with people who are willing to spend money to learn what you already have in your head.”

But you have to be willing to put in the work and put the information out there. Time is always a factor, but in this day in age, it’s easier than ever. Melyssa estimates that in 90 days and for less than $500, you can create a profitable business. Clearly, it won’t happen overnight, but you don’t need a HUGE audience. You just need to focus and be willing to forego a leisure activity or two. You can make it happen.

“The time often exists if we make space for it. It’s just a matter of are we willing to make that sacrifice in the vision of something bigger that’s out there for our lives.”

Melyssa goes on to talk about her fears and practices to help break through them CEL Los Angeles. She also shares with us her money mindset struggle and why she feels it’s so important to be transparent and real when it comes to sharing her experiences (she shares her income and expenses on a monthly basis on her website).

Melyssa is truly an entrepreneur who just keeps giving and giving…and giving. Whether it’s the Pinterest knowledge she drops on this podcast, a free workshop/online course or helping to raise money for Pencils of Promise, it’s so obvious that everything she does has others in mind.

Money is great, but at the end of the day, it’s about caring for people and finding a way to help each other. After all, Melyssa truly believes and practices what she says,

“The biggest thing you can give is your heart.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

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  • Online training
  • Kindness
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  • Wealth
  • Millionaires
  • Purpose
  • The Pursuit

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