Persistence and Sacrifice to Eight Figures with Travis Jones


I am so excited for today’s episode because I am sitting down with Travis “TJ” Jones, the founder of RBT Gyms, founder of Think Tank, and co creator of Small Business Performance Coach. Travis is literally an epic entrepreneur and philanthropist, and he absolutely stands for everything that this show is about. I can’t wait for you to learn from him, be inspired by him, and to hear some of his incredible stories. This episode is for sure going to rock your world.

Question Highlights:

  • What was it like living in your gym?
  • How has living risky helped you in business?
  • How did you find the courage to keep going through all the no’s?
  • What makes your coaching business different from all the rest?
  • Could you tell me about your foundation?
  • Where did your drive come from?
  • How do you do it all as a parent?

They say true success is born. Vibrant, energetic and infectious as a youngster Travis Jones,  or “TJ” as his friends call him, was inevitably going to achieve big things. After starting out in the  health and fitness industry, and a stint in Canada where he trained with elite coaches, Travis returned to Australia in 2011, and launch his own specialist body transformation gym,  Result Based Training, utilising every aspect of the experience he gained from working tirelessly nationwide wide and overseas.

Known for being the man who has never written a business plan, Travis began his entrepreneurial journey like many entrepreneurs –essentially  broke and living out of the space that his business occupied. In this case, it was Result Based Training’s first location in South Melbourne. Jones’‘do what it takes’ mantra and work ethic helped grow Result Based Training into an internationally recognised gym, launching six gyms across three states within the first 24 months.

The last five years has seen the growth of Result Based Training from one gym in 2013 to 21 by February, 2018. Together with wife, Liv Jones, the couple went on to establish their cutting-edge coaching business, Think Tank, which was created to help guide and coach SME’s on how to grow their businesses into successful brands. Jones’  business smarts have seen him have a history of building businesses rapidly, with Think Tank growing from $0 to having a $1.5million turnover within its first year.

If that wasn’t  enough, in 2017,  the couple founded Attain Digital –a  digital marketing agency that began producing over $500,000 of sales before they even launched their company website and manages over $1.5 million worth of client marketing campaigns in the first year and growing rapidly.Apart from their corporate ventures, Travis and Liv have also gone onto create their passion project, If Not Now Then When, a foundation established to change the lives of children all over the world.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The start of his business + living in his gym
  • 51 no’s but still holding out for the yes
  • His crazy Groupon story
  • Finding ways to push through the no’s
  • How he helps people raise their confidence + grow their business
  • The foundation TJ and his wife created
  • Where TJ got his drive from
  • How a tattoo got him a business coach
  • TJ’s parenting + advice

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