MILLIONAIRES in Their 20’s… HOW did Emily & Hayden Vavra do it?


Interviewing some of the youngest, most successful people I know today triggered me to ask one of my favorite questions, “What was your money mindset growing up?”

I think people perceive wealthy individuals as “lucky” or “dealt the good hand in life,” when truly I feel like 9 times out of 10, entrepreneurs didn’t START off that way, which is why I like to hear (and share with my audience) everyone’s background and how it all began.

Interestingly, today’s guests Emily and Hayden Vavra, give two very different but REAL perspectives on the beginning of their entrepreneurial careers. Emily was raised by a hard-working single mother with the mindset that “money doesn’t grow on trees.” Hayden, however, was raised in a very large and privileged family of equally hard-working parents and with the belief that anything and any amount of money is possible.

Before entrepreneurial life, both had their careers – Emily made an average amount of money and Hayden played for a short time in the NFL. And while they were content, both knew as a couple that they were destined to do more.

“I started reading a lot more, attended my first event and working on personal development. So I think for me, a lot of it came from the mindset. I needed to first believe that I could do it.”
– Hayden Vavra

From a happy, but mediocre, lifestyle to an insane entrepreneur empire, Hayden and Emily are an unstoppable power couple.

“We both have our individual dreams, goals and aspirations, but we definitely talk together about what’s on the horizon as well and crazy goals that most people would laugh about if they ever heard us talking.”

Accomplishing things on your own is empowering and exciting (don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise), but from my own personal experience, and hearing what Emily and Hayden had to say as well, crushing goals with the one you love is a completely priceless feeling.

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