From 100 Million Dollars to Broke to Happy with David Meltzer


Today I have Dave Meltzer on the show, CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, author, speaker, business coach, tv host, and fellow podcaster. Dave has been featured in so many media outlets, and is literally one of the best experts in business and finance that I personally think you’ll ever find. Outside of being an incredibly smart businessman, Dave is also an amazing humanitarian. I’m beyond excited for you to listen to this episode because Dave is the perfect representation of what this show stands for.

Question Highlights:

  • What was your identity at the time of your unhappiness?
  • What are the four values that made you successful?
  • How has your view on money changed?
  • What is the purpose of making money today?
  • What is compassionate capitalism?
  • What’s your best piece of advice to grow business and be successful?
  • Why are people stuck in scarcity, and how do they get out of it?

David Meltzer is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sports 1 Marketing and S1Media House. He’s a two-time #1 best-selling author and has been named a Top 10 Keynote Speaker by Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Marshall Goldsmith has recognized Dave as a Top 100 Business Coach and currently an advisory board member to over 45 companies and charities.  David, more recently, invested into Splyce, one of the world’s top e-sports teams, alongside NBA All-Star Metta World Peace.

David is the executive producer and host to Entrepreneur’s original show, Elevator Pitch, with nearly 40 million views, and host of the Top 5 business podcast, The Playbook. He was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and Variety Magazine’s Sports Humanitarian of the year.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Realizing he wasn’t happy + how he grew from it
  • Ego being in the way
  • Declaring bankruptcy and the day that changed his life
  • David’s four values that are the basis of his company
  • His quantum shift in India
  • David’s view on money + why he makes money today
  • The amazing act of giving
  • Taking advice from people who love you
  • David’s best piece of business advice
  • The philanthropy behind his sports agency
  • Getting out of scarcity mindset  
  • The Unstoppable Foundation and what they do

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