Six Hacks to a Successful 2019 with Lori Harder


Today I am joined by my wife, Lori Harder, and we are here to talk about six hacks that we know will make 2019 a successful year for you. From business, to life, and relationships, this episode covers it all. These hacks are things that Lori and I have learned, and are learning to implement currently. Be sure to listen all the way through because we share the biggest thing that we will do this year– hint: it involves YOU.

Lori Harder is a leading expert in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. She has grown two multi-million dollar businesses as a successful entrepreneur and network marketing professional. She is also an author, cover model, and three-time fitness world champion, who offers a carefully curated set of practical tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being, and financial freedom. Through her books, unique coaching methods, and programs, she has helped countless people connect with their soul, transform their bodies, empower their minds, gain financial independence, and fall in love with themselves and their lives.

Throughout her career, Lori has regularly appeared on the covers of and published articles for Oxygen Magazine, STRONG Fitness Magazine, Health & Fitness Magazine and Prosper Magazine. She has also been featured on NBC, Fox, and TLC networks.

Lori has also helped dozens of people reach six figure or more salaries through her network marketing business (Isagenix), and she has helped hundreds of others to start their own home-based business. Lori has taken her passion for human potential and created The Bliss Project, a women’s empowerment retreat, and the Bliss Habit online course that has thousands of women per year taking this breakthrough curriculum.

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Rapid fire Q+A for Lori and myself
  • Hyper self awareness
  • Leaving time for miracles
  • Figuring out your hourly value
  • Prioritizing your needle-movers
  • Doing YOU
  • Tracking what matters most
  • Love + put yourself first
  • Growth hacks
  • Join a mastermind
  • Our offer to you!

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