12 Simple Moves to Have a Radically Better 2019


Do you want 2019 to look better than 2018 did? Today we are talking about simple moves you can make in the New Year in order for it to be better than ever. These are moves that anybody can do, and even the smallest ones can create the BIGGEST of changes for you.


“Sometimes it’s not what’s in the book, it’s in the feeling that the book gives you so you can go out and conquer the day.”

“When I became more open is when everything opened up for me, and that only comes from trying new ideas on for size.”

“Your ego will cost you more than any bad decision, more than any bad investment you could ever make.”

“There is more importance in being “over it” than there is in being correct.”

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Asking for help
  • Reading more
  • Investing in YOU
  • Try new ideas
  • Releasing judgement faster
  • Catch your ego
  • Apologizing faster
  • Pay attention to your yes’s
  • Forming a mini-mastermind
  • Learning from opposing views
  • Being healthier with our choices
  • Only holding space for what serves you

Resources Mentioned: