How to Raise Your Game Quickly


While I never like to talk about my schedule being “too busy,” at the start of this week I was downright intimidated with mine. Fortunately for me, a friend of mine was in town and invited me out for brunch. That particular time is usually scheduled for my morning workout, but I’m so glad I chose an impromptu brunch instead.

This particular friend has a 100-million-dollar business and every time we’re able to connect, we have the best conversations and I wind up leaving with a ton of brand new ideas that will potentially help grow my businesses. This get-together was no different and as a bonus, it also reshaped my view on my schedule and what I get to do.

So if you’re looking for the fastest ways to up your game or become unstuck if you’ve plateaued, it’s time to find more tribe to connect with.

“Break bread with people who are doing better than you.”

Another way to connect with people? Charity events or galas. Lori and I attended a Pencils of Promise charity event on Tuesday evening and again, new ideas and ambitions were sparked while sitting next to and having conversations with multi-millionaires. These are the people who you want to spend time in order to regularly break through to new levels.

So I encourage you, go find those people or events. Ask around, Google it… “You have to seek out and make these connections happen.”

Please share what conversations and/or connections give you new ideas and have you constantly striving for more over on my IG page (@chriswharder)! I love hearing what works for other people.

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  • The fastest way to up your game or become unstuck if you’ve plateaued
  • Why it’s important to spend time with people who are doing better than you
  • Seeking out and making new connections

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