The Surest Person in the Room WINS


Do you ever wonder why some people succeed and connect with people right away, while others, when given the same opportunities, just can’t seem to pull it together? Over the years I’ve noticed one common trend that sets these people apart, no matter the kind of sales, business or opportunity – and that’s certainty.

“The most valuable thing you have is swagger.”

I was able to observe this same trait while at an entrepreneurial event this week with 15,000 people. Everyone at this event has the hopes of being really successful, but realistically only about 1,000 will actually see those results. So if all these people were offered the same products and opportunities, why isn’t everyone really successful?

It comes down to your energetic posture. When you approach someone, do you begin your conversation with confidence and excitement? Or do you tend to act shy and unsure of yourself while tripping over your words instead?

When you’re first meeting someone and/or presenting them with an opportunity, they want to look at you and see that you a.) Know where you’re going b.) How you’re getting there and c.) Know who you want to come with you. Sounds simple, but within that first 30-60 seconds of meeting someone, people are often already making the decision to link arms with you – or not.

“The surest person in the room wins.”

Now this isn’t to say that you won’t get nervous – we all have different areas in our lives that bring about that flutter, but it’s your choice to show up either big, confident and sure of yourself or small, meek and unsure.

“You don’t have to show up how you feel – it’s just a choice.”

So stop telling yourself that you can’t do x-y-z because you’re too shy or introverted. It’s just a story! Every single one of you can show up as the most certain and confident person you know you are at the core. And it doesn’t take years to do! Give it a few practice runs, get out there with certainty and it’s inevitable that your success will follow suit!

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The No. 1 reason some people succeed and some don’t ¬– even though they’re given the same opportunities
  • The importance of energetic posture
  • Putting a stop to limiting beliefs and stories

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