How to Grow Your Audience


Today I’m going to give you the answer to the question of why your audience might not be growing – regardless of what business you’re in. Brace yourself, it’s really quite simple.

The No. 1 reason your audience isn’t growing is because you’re not putting information and content – that’s shareable – out there. But what does it mean to be truly shareable? It’s about blowing the minds of your current audience so much that they are compelled to share it with their audience – and then their audience becomes your audience. See how this can turn into powerful ripple effect? Your content has to be so DANG good that it practically forces others to share.

Here are three ways to increase your chances:
1. Start creating a better experience. This can happen simply by always having the posture and intent of putting something extraordinary out there.
2. Do it more often. Create, create, create…share, share, share.
3. Ask others to share and give them directions.

That last point may make you feel a bit awkward, but people crave specific directions and certainty. And besides, you likely won’t receive what you don’t ask for, right?

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The No. 1 reason your audience isn’t growing
  • What it means to be shareable
  • Three steps to help you grow your audience

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