Myth Busting the Common Money Phrases


Welcome to my version of “myth busters.” Today I’m sharing my two cents when it comes to blasting away old myth sayings about money. For example, “Money doesn’t buy happiness” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

For decades, possibly even centuries, depending on how you were raised or who you surrounded yourself with, people have had hard times with money. That’s no secret. BUT, on the other, brighter hand, people (even some of the same people who once had problems) have also had extraordinary experiences with money.

“All these negative money myths do is chip away at your healthy money mindset.”

Let’s get rid of these myths and stay focused on the facts.

The old saying “money doesn’t grow on trees,” is basically telling us that “money is hard to come by.” I can’t lie, I may have heard that a time or two while growing up when asking my parents for some cash, but let’s be careful here. Why would we start to program children to believe that money is scarce when in fact it’s NOT.

“It’s not your resources that make you wealthy, it’s about your resourcefulness.”

I’m a firm believer in prayer and manifestation. I truly think that you attract what you believe. Take a second and ask yourself, “If I believe that money is scarce, will I ever really attract it?”

Let that one sink in… Then tune back in for some more money myth busters!

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