“Done Is Better Than Perfect”

I get asked a lot, “How do you get so much done? How do you and Lori accomplish such amazing things?” It’s really no secret…we just roll up our sleeves, dive right in and learn as we go!

I owe a lot of credit to my wife, Lori. I share some of my back story in today’s episode and how guilty I was of not even trying something unless I was 100% positive I was going to “knock it out of the park.” But let’s just be clear on one thing…there is absolutely no way a person can be 100% positive of anything! Am I right!?

So what’s the matter? What’s the wait? There shouldn’t be any!

Having your significant other’s back and being their anchor are two different things. Don’t hold yourself or them down by anchoring, take leaps of faith and chances. You’ll be amazed at the outcome.

It’s not about a perfected skill, or a large amount of money, it’s about whatever you have to give in that exact moment. Quit waiting.

“My wife was my wake up call. Now it’s MY turn to be YOURS.”

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Leaps of faith
  • Expectations
  • Success
  • Impact
  • Fulfillment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Lessons
  • Life
  • Helping people

Resources Mentioned: