Is the Law Of Attraction Real…with The Manifestation Babe Kathrin Zenkina


There are so many different thoughts on the Law of Attraction, so I am super excited for Manifestation Babe (and expert), Kathrin Zenkina, to talk about it today. With her initial interest in the Law of Attraction beginning at the young age of 16, she later realized just how much more was behind truly manifesting all the things you desire into your life.

Manifesting is far more than just thinking about something you want. Instead, it’s about becoming the version of yourself who already has the thing you desire and then taking action to make it happen.

During our conversation, Kathrin breaks down the manifestation process even further and does it in such a clear and concise way that I know it will help you shift your practices (manifesting, abundance and attracting) immediately.

Kathrin has made it her mission to impact lives, influence others and share her knowledge through the online space. Be sure to check out the resources on this page to connect with her and all the tools she uses help others attract abundance.

Question Highlights:
o What’s one of your superpowers?
o Who is someone who has changed your life?
o What is something generous you’ve done lately?
o Tell us more about your brand and how you got into it.
o Is the Law of Attraction an energy magic trick or is it the result of someone wanting to do better?
o What’s more important – to think about the thing you want or to feel it?
o How does someone move from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance?
o Do you ever fall back into a “lack” mindset?
o How did you feel about money growing up?
o Where did the wildly generous part of your personality come from?
o What are you most excited about now?

Kathrin’s Thoughts…

“There’s the Law of Attraction, but there’s also the Law of Action.”

“We are drawn and attracted to certain things for a reason. We’re either meant to teach them or do something with them.”

“If you’re always looking for the big things in life to be grateful for, you’re always going to be waiting to be happy.”

“It’s a game of focus rather than a game of elimination.”

“Money is a tool to elevate your human experience.”

“The more you send out the flow of money, the more money that’s going to come back.”

“The more you have, the more you can give.”

Kathrin Zenkina is the creator of Manifestation Babe, a best-selling author, manifesting expert, success strategist, mindset coach for spiritual entrepreneurs. She’s here to help you uplevel your life in the fastest most effective way possible.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • How the book, “The Secret,” has influenced Kathrin’s business
  • Adding physical action to the Law of Attraction
  • Starting small with manifestation
  • Kathrin’s manifestation process
  • Why feeling takes priority over thinking
  • How Kathrin gets out of a scarcity mindset with her “Gratitude Rampage”
  • Being grateful for the small things
  • Why it’s important to maintenance your abundant mindset
  • The Law of Polarity to strengthen our “focus muscle”
  • Why parents need to be mindful of the money mindset beliefs they’re showing their children
  • And so much more…

Resources Mentioned:

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