The 4 Components To Designing A Dream Life!


There are four parts to being a really effective dreamer, and in today’s episode, Lori and I unpack our top strategies for making our dreams our reality. We’ve created habits that not only reinforce the container for dreaming, but also build the muscle of feeling into what lights us up about our future. We also spend time measuring and celebrating our progress, especially with the people that help us get there. If you’re ready to strategically daydream, listen in to learn how! 



(1:00) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of The Chris Harder Show.

(3:02) Chris and Lori recap their busy week. 

(4:47) Chris gives an overview of the four parts to becoming an effective dreamer. 

(6:45) Lori shares ways that she and Chris create containers for dreaming. 

(9:03) Chris and Lori discuss ways to give yourself permission to dream. 

(10:54) Chris emphasizes the importance of having measurable dreams. 

(12:07) Lori highlights the science behind celebrating milestones.

The days where everything is chaotic or going wrong, if you can come back to the measurable dream, then that keeps you in the game.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • Simple daily practices for manifesting your dreams
  • Three ways to build a container for dreaming 
  • Advice for anyone who feels uncomfortable dreaming out loud 
  • How to cultivate more joy and gratitude in your life 
  • Examples of measurable dreaming 

Resources Mentioned: