The 1 Exercise That Will Change Your Year


I don’t care who you are, nobody can stick to a crazy complex plan or laundry list of new year’s resolutions. If you’ve been listening to the podcast I’m sure you’ve noticed this theme – the “small” daily habits are the building blocks for the results you get. Lori and I came up with a simple exercise that focuses on how we want to FEEL at the end of the day, and throughout this year. We’re calling it the Four Feelings exercise, and Lori and I are breaking it down in this episode. From years of doing Power 9 together, we know how life changing it is to add simple intentional habits that move the needle into your daily routine. This new Four Feelings exercise is going to be such a game changer to focus on the most impost actions for you to take to feel the way you want. We’d love to hear who is doing this exercise with us. Tag or DM us on Instagram with the Four Feelings and actions you’ll be focusing on this year! 

We know the power of going over an intention every single day: seeing it, discussing it, and breathing life into it.

You’re Going To Hear About:

  • The best way to actually see change and feel your best this year.
  • The exercise that is anchored on how you want to feel to prioritize your most important goals in 2024.
  • What if I have a hard time narrowing down to only 4 feelings?
  • Why it’s important to set yourself up for quick wins as you are getting started.
  • The habit we’re adding to our daily routine to keep ourselves accountable to our goals.

Resources Mentioned: