Creating A Wellness Product With Angie Lee & Mike Lee


Angie and Mike Lee are on the show today to talk about how they built their CBD business from scratch. Soul CBD is a top-of-the-line wellness brand that is dedicated to delivering the highest quality CBD-infused products. They offer everything from capsules to creams, and even treats for your pet. Mike and Angie are a powerhouse brother-sister duo who have very different professional backgrounds, but their skills and passion for wellness complement each other. Angie is a speaker, influencer, podcaster and entrepreneur, and Mike is a world-ranked professional boxer. 


Mike and Angie talk about their personal journeys with CBD and what inspired them to go all-in on Soul. They share how they grew from processing and packing orders in Mike’s spare bedroom to now running an eight-figure company. Mike and Angie attribute a lot of their success to the strategic investors that believed in them early on, and their team of industry experts. They highlight some of the difficulties that they’ve faced while launching a CBD brand and ways that they’ve worked through them. We also discuss their marketing strategy, the importance of personal branding, and what sets Soul apart from competitors. 


Episode Highlights:

( 1:04 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 1:11 ) Chris provides some background on today’s guests, Mike and Angie Lee. 

( 3:22 ) Angie and Mike join the conversation. 

( 4:04 ) Chris asks Mike, “If you had to give a one minute dissertation on what the hell you are doing and who you were before you founded Seoul CBD, what would that sound like? 

( 5:51 ) Chris asks Angie for her one-minute summary. 

( 7:46 ) Chris asks, “Why in the world did you start a CPG DTC company?”

( 9:37 ) Chris asks, “An eight figure company一that’s a serious accomplishment. Was that the goal from the beginning?”

( 11:21 ) Angie explains how they started the company.  

( 13:14 ) Chris asks Angie, “Tell me about when he brought the idea to you.”

( 15:19 ) Chris asks Angie, “So you already knew that you guys work well together?”

( 16:23 ) Chris asks Mike how he has applied what he learned in his boxing career to entrepreneurship. 

( 18:42 ) Chris asks, “As two people who were and still are personal brands, what’s been the best part? And then what’s been the toughest part about building a different type of company?”

( 21:51 ) Angie talks about how her career as an influencer and course creator has contributed to the success Soul CBD. 

( 25:51 ) Chris asks, “What are one or two marketing hacks specifically that you guys have used to really grow your product company?

( 27:47 ) Chris asks Angie, “Do you have any marketing hacks I’ve worked for you?”

( 30:58 ) Chris asks, “Do you recommend using investor money? Do you not recommend using investor money?”

( 33:59 ) Chris says, “If anyone is listening, go find a business partner that is the opposite of your skill sets.”

( 35:25 ) Chris asks Angie, “Ready is a Lie. I’m so freaking excited for that book to come out. When is this thing dropping?”

( 37:31 ) Chris asks, “What is the difference? Why do four out of five of them suck, if I can be honest, and one out of five, you finally find something?”

( 40:28 ) Chris asks, “Talk to me about CBD and pets.”

( 42:29 ) Chris asks, “How do you make the damn orange ones taste so good?”

( 43:15 ) Chris asks, “What’s the exit plan? Where’s this thing going?”

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( 47:01 ) Chris asks, “Is there anything really cool, anything really generous, anything kind that this has allowed you guys to do now that you’ve been successful?”

( 48:36 ) Chris asks listeners to share the podcast and leave a 5-star review. 

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • What Mike and Angie were doing before launching Soul CBD 
  • How Mike applies what he learned as a boxer to being an entrepreneur 
  • Building a strong, successful team 
  • Hitting roadblocks due to the stigma of CBD 
  • Harnessing the power of micro-influencers 
  • The access to metrics and data that DTC companies have 
  • Why you should build your audience before launching a product 
  • The importance of stellar customer service, especially via DMs 
  • Mike’s advice for anyone seeking investors 
  • The secret to why their products are a cut above the rest 

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