How To Get Clear In Your Career with Author, Alex Banayan


I’m joined by #1 international bestselling author of The Third Door, Alex Banayan. You might remember Alex from episodes 152 or 235 where he shared his journey to launching his book and the incredible story behind it. We catch up on what he’s been up to since then, and do a deep dive into his massive act of generosity that he embarked on during the pandemic. We discuss how that inspired him to create a free, simple tool to help people find clarity and fuel growth in just 30 days, and how you can get involved with that challenge. Plus, he gives his take on The Great Resignation, what he’s learned about success over his ten years of studying it, and the three questions that can help launch your next career move. 


Episode Highlights:

( 1:03 ) Welcome back to The Chris Harder Show.

( 1:16 ) Chris gives some background on Alex. 

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( 3:06 ) Alex joins the conversation.

( 4:13 ) Alex recaps the story behind The Third Door. 

( 8:11 ) Alex shares that he funded his book by winning a Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right. 

( 9:10 ) Alex describes how he came up with the third door analogy. 

( 11:26 ) Alex explains how he started doing Zoom sessions during the pandemic. 

( 12:29 ) Alex and Chris discuss how people aren’t looking for success, they’re searching for challenges and ways to keep growing. 

( 16:08 ) Alex provides some more context and background for the Zoom sessions. 

( 18:13 ) Alex shares some of the planning and content that went into the Zoom sessions. 

( 22:07 ) Alex talks about one of his favorite success stories from the lectures. 

( 23:25 ) Chris asks Alex, “What was your own personal lesson out of that?”

( 25:30 ) Chris asks Alex, “Where are all the workers going and what do you think is causing this?”

( 29:02 ) Alex shares the story behind how he came up with the 30 day challenge. 

( 31:09 ) Alex says the first step in the challenge is to buy a notebook. 

( 33:10 ) Step two is to set aside 15 minutes in your calendar to do the challenge everyday. 

( 34:42 ) Question 1 is: What filled me with enthusiasm today?

( 36:28 ) Question 2 is: What drained me of energy today?

( 36:57 ) Question 3 is: What did I learn about myself today?

( 38:25 ) Alex explains what happens on the last day of the challenge. 

( 41:43 ) Alex talks about what the purpose behind the challenge is and what happens after it ends. 

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You’re Going To Hear About:

  • A quick recap of how he funded and wrote The Third Door
  • Why he spent a year hosting free Zoom sessions to help people get clarity about their careers 
  • The layout and themes of his Zoom sessions 
  • Alex’s favorite success stories from his online lectures 
  • Why the pandemic inspired so many people to pivot their careers 
  • The power of a pen and an empty notebook 
  • What people can expect from his 30 Day Clarity Challenge 
  • Tps for how to be successful with this challenge

Resources Mentioned:

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  • Follow Alex on Twitter: @AlexBanayan  
  • Get his book, The Third Door:
  • Every week for the next month, I’m choosing four or five people to send them a copy of The Third Door. All you have to do is tag @chriswharder and @alexbanayan in your 30 Day Clarity Challenge on Instagram.  
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