Rules and How to Win

Thanks for joining the #7DayGenerosityChallenge!  I am so excited that you’re joining in on the giving!

Please read carefully to make sure you are eligible to WIN and that you maximize your chances!

  • Commit to doing one small act of generosity per day, for seven days, starting Monday, June 12th through Sunday June 18th.
  • Upload each act to Instagram using the hashtag #7DayGenerosityChallenge and #ForTheLoveOfMoney each day (this is how we will award the daily prizes, create the ripple effect, and also count them!)
  • Subscribe to my podcast For The Love Of Money on iTunes or Google Plus and you can also Listen to WHY we are doing this challenge here on Episode 27!
  • Follow me on Instagram here: @ChrisWHarder and Tag Your Friends on THIS INSTAGRAM POST so that they too can participate and help us create over 100,000 acts of generosity!

What is an act of generosity? Here are some great examples…

  • Leave an extra big tip
  • Buy somebody’s gas
  • Buy somebody’s groceries
  • Give someone in need a meal
  • Buy someone a coffee
  • Buy somebody a card
  • Hand out a gift card
  • Hand out your favorite book
  • Feed a strangers pet w a bag of food
  • Give a new dog toy to a random pet owner
  • Donate a toy/ toys for kids
  • Donate your clothing or shoes to a shelter in need
  • Mow somebody’s yard
  • Make cookies for someone
  • Send/give flowers to someone
  • Plant some trees
  • Donate to a pet shelter
  • Leave a roll of quarters on the laundry machine
  • Buy lunch or donuts of your coworkers
  • Frame and inspiring quote and give it to somebody
  • Order pizza to somewhere that would appreciate it

Remember, the size of your Act of Generosity has NO bearing on winning or not, it’s all about the spirit of giving!

Each day between Monday, June 12th and Sunday, June 18th, I will randomly choose from THAT DAY’S Acts Of Generosity and award a winner! I will be announcing the winner in the evening of that day.  (So Monday’s Act of Generosity Winner will be announced on Monday night.) The more days you’re generous, the more entries you have in the drawing to WIN!

Daily Winnings!


$100 Amazon Gift Card


Beats by Dre Headphones


Amazon Echo


Apple Watch Series 2


48″ Sony Smart TV


HP Touchscreen Laptop


$500 Cash